Select from a comprehensive product catalog available in both stock sheets and cases, including the necessary enclosure hardware for custom showers and doors. Choose from all types of glass (clear, tinted, pattern, laminated, mirror, and more) in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Expect an unrivaled customer experience as your glass is hand delivered to your location on time and exactly as ordered.


Enjoy a one stop shop that offers an extensive array of design solutions from doors and walls, to shower enclosures and handrails. Offer your customers elegance at affordable price points by purchasing all materials at wholesale rates. Avoid unnecessary installation delays and take advantage of our commitment to delivering on time every time.


Our 50,000 square foot plant can offer a host of options to allow you to meet the needs of your customer. With world class equipment at our disposal, we can provide glass of all shapes and sizes across all thicknesses, complete with custom edging and notching. In addition, with our state of the art oven, we have the ability to temper and heat strengthen so that you can fulfill all your compliance requirements. Furthermore, our insulated line can provide insulated units that range from standard sizes to completely custom measurements.